Two New Addresses: A Blog & A House

A season of transition is coming to a close.

Moving In

During this past summer we’ve been living with generous friends (how many people do you know who would let you live in their house for FOUR MONTHS?) while we found and closed on a house that was worth the wait.

Over these months I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching. And, I’ll admit, some whining. Not my best trait,  I know, but I do get a little snappish when I don’t know what’s next… be it homes or jobs or what we’re eating for dinner.

Finally I decided it was time to quit… Literally, quit. Quit whining, quit worrying, and even quit cable (what a time drain!). To say no to all those things, so I could say yes to new challenges and priorities. I’ve been feeling the need to take a risk to find something that would challenge me, something that would motivate me to get up and make a difference. The time for transition is over, now it’s time to build.

So, as my life heads into this building phase, I decided it was time I also took a risk in my online life – by self-hosting. So far it’s been scary, complicated, and fantastic. I’ve moved to a completely new site – – where I will be producing more original content multiple times a week. Of note, none of the subscriptions or webpages from Pass the Butter, Spread the Love will be redirected to My Cup is Full, so if you want to hear more, head over there and sign up.

My Cup is Full

I would love to see you over at My Cup Is Full so we can keep learning and eating together!


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