The Apartment Bakery: Conquering Brioche

I’ve finally found a great, easy brioche recipe. I attempted a brioche loaf some months ago, but it ended up a greasy, heavy mess, but after receiving Jeffrey Hamelman’s book Bread, I decided to give it another try. Hamelman’s book is truly fantastic. While it can be a bit intimidating at first, as there is a lot of technique and is geared towards professional bakers, once you get the basics down all the recipes are clear and can be made in the stand mixer – no hours of kneading by hand on the kitchen counter! 

baked bubble top brioche

Brioche is best mixed the night before to allow the dough to rest overnight before baking. I was able to cut the recipe in half and used a muffin pan to create these fantastic little bubble top brioches (directions for shaping and final baking I took from Dorie Greenspan – click to see her recipe on epicurious).

shaped brioche dough

I’d also highly recommend my Saturday breakfast that accompanied freshly baked brioche: a fried duck egg with bacon – YUM!

duck egg and bacon

Now that I’ve got the general idea down, I think I’ll prep another round for some awesome french toast!


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