Bits + Pieces: French Flavors

“You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”
– Julia Child

My heavens, summer is already gone, and the new pace of fall is upon us! For a little recap, here’s a quick run-down of many of my culinary adventures of late, mostly french recipes from the inspiring Julia Child and the wonderful Dorie Greenspan.

From Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking:

Cheese Soufflé
What a dream! My first soufflé!!! I halved Julia’s recipe, as it was just for me – a lovely dinner with a little side salad.


Mousseline au Chocolat
A lovely finale for my mother’s birthday dinner party. It tastes exactly like a chocolate mousse I would get as a child in a fancy restaurant at big family events. Sadly this was a hasty pic doesn’t do it justice, taken with my iPhone just before serving. I’d suggest putting it in a martini glass for an extra dose of something special.

From Dorie’s book Around My French Table:

Tourteau de Chèvre
I must say I made this because of Dorie’s thrilling description of her discovery of this confection in Paris, rather than from any hope in the outcome, but it came out as an incredibly unique blend of cake, soufflé, and cheese one would never expect to work, but does and becomes a wonderful genre all its own.

Chicken in a Pot
Heavens how easy, and how impressive! As we were dining, my husband remarked that this was “a very grown-up dish” … no box mixes or cans of soup here! My pot was a bit messy, as I made the dough seal for the pot way too wet, so I’d suggest taking a peek at the cover of Dorie’s cookbook for a beautiful image of the chicken in its pot. Tomorrow I’m taking on Dorie’s Go-To Beef Daube – will let you know how it goes!

Odd’s and Ends…

While I didn’t make this myself, it was a heavenly eclair at a 24hour bakery in Charlotte, NC called Amelie’s.

And this is completely off topic, but too fun not to share – I spent labor day with a friend learning how to make pizza! Here’s our first victory of the day – a potato pizza that puffed up in the middle and looks just like a mini sombrero ☺


I hope your fall is filled with friends, food and fun!


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