A Cool Dessert for a Perfect Summer Day

Yesterday I was given one of the biggest compliments to a dish I’d made – a 2 year old LOVED it – gobbling up half the plate. What’s so great about it is I didn’t expect the kids to like it at all, was even about to hand them out with a disclaimer like i’m not sure how they turned out, or they are pretty tart, i think. But no need. The rich fruity flavors won the day, and a group dug into these Blackberry Lime Bars from The Improv Kitchen after a long afternoon in the sun. I’d made the recipe a full two days ahead, since my schedule was packed, and it produced 4 tupperware tubs full of little square bars, but they were still fantastic after being in the fridge for 2 days, as 3 tups of tupperware disappeared within minutes.

To serve them, I used a fun green pottery piece we were given by a close friend for our wedding, and i think it looks lovely with the deep purple of the bars.


Just a quick word of caution when you use the recipe at The Improv Kitchen, in the directions – two key steps are missing you should add the vanilla into the dough when you’re creaming the butter and sugar; also, you would be terribly remiss if you didn’t add the mashed blackberries into the filling (I used two cartons of fresh blackberries, not frozen, and put mine in a blender – it didn’t totally get rid of the seeds, but made them less noticeable).

Also, this recipe needs ALOT of limes – don’t skimp, it’s worth it in the end, but maybe recruit a friend to make it with you, as I was about to wilt after 1/3 of them. Is it just me or is it much harder to juice limes than lemons?


I highly recommend trying these out at your next day at the beach, lake, or summer barbecue. Now go get out there and soak up that Vitamin D!


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