One Nachos to Rule Them All

Thursday is my new favorite day of the week. It’s the last day of my new work week, and it’s DATE NIGHT!

M & I had just gotten home from a long week eating nothing but BBQ, pimento cheese, and cake in Memphis, so I was in the mood for some serious veggies. Zada Jane’s is a small, funky little restaurant close to my old house (the one that’s still on the market, which we refer to as the “Vacation Home” as it’s a lot more pleasant than the “Useless Second Mortgage”). Zada Jane’s has a fantastic range and does it all from hamburgers to vegan with good, quality ingredients in a way
that I know anyone will love eating there. So anytime I can say that i’m craving veggies (which isn’t too terribly often, I’m more of a cheese and pasta kinda gal), we go to Zada Jane’s.

To me the best thing they have is their nachos.

Blue corn chips, fresh guacamole, and loaded with veggies like zucchini, plus, best of all, there’s cheese on the bottom. Seriously the best, healthiest, yummiest, most filing, guilt-free nachos I’ve ever had. And for this I say FOR SHAME to all other nachos. Granted, the classic, meat-filled, Velveeta-style nachos have their place, but if you’re planning on nachos for dinner, this is the best you can buy. Just trust me… and if you’re ever in Charlotte, please go!



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