Fight for Simple

Here I am!
No where I thought I would be, and loving it.


See – here’s me loving it!

But as this is my first post, i guess i’ll start a few years back…

In college I was the take over the world and let nothing get in my way (men, kids, economic downturns) type of gal. A chronic over-achiever, I felt the need to look down my nose at others who couldn’t see past the here and now to build towards something, what they wanted to BE….

The problem was… and it took me years and a very patient man (who is now my husband) to help me see this… by looking so far down the road into what I wanted my life TO BE, i wasn’t BEING. I wasn’t being where i was, wasn’t enjoying the little victories, wasn’t building relationships that could last past the superficial “hey” over coffee, and wasn’t pursuing what gave me less stress and more joy. So after school, when the one occupation that I had known, “Student,” was no longer available to me, I found myself rocketing into middle management in a global corporation, becoming a super-young Vice President (which, by the way, means you don’t get paid like a normal VP)… Success was finally knocking, I was finally on a path to becoming a mover and shaker, the one in the know before anyone else – I had three laptops, two blackberries, and an alternately exasperated or weary expression for anyone who dared to ask me how I was doing.

Except that’s when it hit me – I wasn’t made for this… My dream job wasn’t anything like a dream life… And I’d have to give up one or the other.

My (then) fiancé, who probably felt more like a counselor most date nights, listened, consoled, and eventually started pointing out that perhaps the environment that I had sought out for a career wasn’t a good fit and in fact my have even become the “abusive boyfriend” in my life – it beat me to a pulp and then said sorry, i’ll make it right – just wait until [fill in the blank]… Then he showed me an alternative – I could fight for simple. I could make sacrifices to develop the space, the health, and the the patience to dream again, life a new life that was ruled by simplicity so that I might find what my dream life could be and make it happen. So I survived until I could collect my bonus, dig out of credit card debt and put the house on the market, got engaged… and QUIT! Quit, right in the middle of a massive restructuring in my department, right in the middle of a recession, right in the middle the sale of the first home I owned, right in the middle of acquiring a second mortgage as my house still hasn’t sold.

So here I am, working at a small business, going back to near minimum wage in order to find something different than the rat race to the top in corporate america… and LOVING it. I don’t wake up 10 times each night, or have a sinking feeling every evening thinking about going back to work the next day… In fact, I don’t even think about work at all until i’m 5 minutes away during my morning commute (my husband drives us most of the way, so I can be occupied by other things, like makeup or pinterest:).

So – that’s where i’m at career-wise, making a massive u-turn, and below is a recipe that has helped me immensely while making that u-turn – it helped show me that I can do things I never thought possible, leave behind the familiar, the well-beaten path, for the road less traveled… I started making my own bread… Odd, I know, but up until I took a leap of faith in making this bread, my only cooking was in the microwave or stovetop – I was incredibly afraid of the oven and what was going on while I was powerless to make mid-course corrections, but this bread, so lovely and delicious (and WAY cheaper than bread in the store) and totally worth the risk.


Here’s a recipe from Jennifer Reese’s blog that she tried from the cookbook Moro. Jennifer’s cookbook Make the Bread, Buy the Butter is one of my favorites, an easy to understand, inspiring, and entertaining cookbook that re-opened the possibilities of what I could accomplish in my own kitchen.


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